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About Aegean Drawn


I started Aegean Drawn in the spring of 2015 while living in Izmir, a beautiful city situated on Turkey's Aegean coast.  I chose the name Aegean Drawn to reflect both my passion for the region and for the arts. 

My shop initially offered a wide range of handmade products that reflected my various interests and hobbies.  Over time, my shop has evolved a little and become more focused on the traditional and fiber arts.  

I primarily offer handmade and custom products that fall under the categories of fine art (original paintings, drawings, custom portraits, and mosaics) and crochet art (clothing and accessories, quirky pet products, home decor, etc.).  I also offer patterns and tutorials for these items.


I enjoy working with local tools and supplies that allow me to share parts of my world with all of you.  Whether it be through the shells I collect from the Aegean Sea or the exotic yarns I buy from local Turkish markets, I feel like each of my products has a touch of international flare to offer.

About the Owner/Artist


I'm an American expat living abroad in the beautiful city of Izmir, located on Turkey's Aegean coast. I enjoy traveling and experiencing the local culture together with my husband, children, and lovable golden retriever.

I'm also an avid craft-a-holic and self taught artist. I dabble in an eclectic mix of arts and crafts, though my two main specialties have been crochet and fine art (paintings, drawings, mosaics, etc).

Living abroad has given me the opportunity to pursue my artistic passions full time. I love creating and designing, and it's been such a joy to share that with the world through my shop.

Donations and Supported Causes 


I've always been an animal lover.  Since moving here, I've taken to feeding and putting out blankets/towels for stray and abandoned animals living on the streets.  In addition, I happily support a number of charities and rescues.  I also donate all of my returns to not-for-profit dog rescues in the US.  Below are a few of the organizations I have supported over the years.  I invite you to check them out and read about their causes.

School of Wags

Location: TX, USA


Chicagoland Eskie Rescue

Location: IL, USA


Vicki Soto Memorial Fund

Location: CT, USA


HALO Havanese Rescue

Location: IL, USA


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