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Free Coloring Pages

How many times have your kids become completely obsessed with a character but there are no activities related to it?  This happened to me regularly, and eventually I decided to make my own coloring pages for them.  I loved seeing my kids enjoy these drawings, but as they passed frome one phase to another, the drawings would sit idly on my computer.  So I've decided to share my collection of drawings with you.  I hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine did!

Lego Nexo Knights

Angry Birds Epic

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Only the Christmas designs are my own original creations.  The rest are basically just "fan art" - these are my drawings of popular video game and TV characters, they are not official products or materials.  I am sharing these freely so that you can download them and print them off for your kids, their birthday parties, and other personal uses.  However, using these commercially, mass reproducing them, or selling them is not allowed. 

The pages are available on Pinterest using the image link to the left or this link:

They can also be downloaded directly from Dropbox using the links below.

About the Coloring Pages

Angry Birds Star Wars

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